The Ruth Dickson Trust

Helping the disabled in a small way improve their lives in a big way

Ruffie Bear to Raise Money for the Ruth Dickson Trust

2015 is a very special year for The Ruth Dickson Trust. It is 40 years since the Trust was formed by the then Stafford Borough Mayor, Ruth Dickson.

By way of celebration the Trust is raising its profile using Ruffie Bear, the charity's mascot, who will have a very important role in a number of fund raising events.

The Trustees have set themselves a target to raise £40,000 and thus double the size of the Trust's income available for the many and varied causes that are brought to them for help.

meet ...  Ruffie Bear

Post your bear selfie...

“Ruffie Bear was much loved by my Mother, Mayor Ruth Dickson, and she took pride of place in her collection” said Chairman, Duncan Dickson. “This got the Trustees thinking about other special bears and favourite soft toys that they had owned whilst young.

Our proposed money raising idea is that initially each trustee will take a 'selfie' of themselves with their special childhood bear or toy and post it onto Ruffie Bear's Facebook page. It is hoped that the general public of Staffordshire and beyond will be encouraged to do the same and at the same time make a donation to the Trust.

The Chairman's selfie with me Ruffie Bear .

Post your selfie on my Ruffie Bear Facebook page.

Please donate and make Ruffie smile...
RUFF40 £2
to 70070 to donate to Ruffie Bear and make a difference today.
How we began

The Ruth Dickson Trust, formed in 1974, raises and distributes money for the benefit of both the physically and mentally disabled residing within Staffordshire.


All applications are considered by the Trustees on their individual merit, and the Trust is justly proud to be able to re-act quickly to any urgent request it receives.

Our Work

Over the years awards have been made to assist with diverse requests- everything from electric disability carriages and wheel chairs to a much longed for holiday break for carers.

Get in touch

The Trust is always searching for additional funds to use towards the good causes it supports. If you would like to donate to the Ruth Dickson Trust, please do so using the options above.